Pizza Calculator: The pizza script you never asked for
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Pizza Calculator

Makes (by default) a very quick (45m total rise time) pan pizza, baked at 550f. This script depends on bc. Check out the wiki article on custom recipes.


Usage:	./ [ -f <N> ] [ -c <N> ] [ -r <recipe> ] [ <pan diameter>(in|inch|\") ]
	./ [ -f <N> ] [ -c <N> ] [ -r <recipe> ] [ <pan width>x<pan length>(in|inch|\") ]
	./ [ -r <recipe> ] [ <flour weight>g ]
	./ -h
	./ [ -v <variation> ] [ -r <recipe> ] -i
	-h		Print this help
	-i		Print the instructions
	-f <N>		Set flour per square inch (default: 2.122)
	-c <N>		Set the count (default: 1)
	-v <variation>	Set instruction variation (default: standmixer)
	-r <recipe>	Set recipe (default: quick)
	The dough can be kept overnight in the refidgerator if needed
	Water may also be used in place of beer
	Try adding your choice of spices and/or herbs into the dough for more flavor
	If you skip the dimention input in interactive mode, it will ask for flour weight instead!

Recipe (specifically for -r quick)

How to make the quick calculator pizza, standmixer edition:
1: warm beer to ~100f, combine with sugar and yeast in mixing bowl
2: then add flour, salt, oil, monosodium glutamate, and butter extract
3: mix for 4 minutes, then shape into ball
4: rise for 15 minutes
5: mix for 5 minutes, shape into ball again
6: rise again for 15 minutes
7: turn onto, then shape to pan
8: rise for 10 minutes
9: add sauce, toppings
10: bake at 550f until done


As mentioned at the beginning of this file, bc is a requirement to running, along with a few other common shell utilities. While it is possible to simply clone this git repositiory and simply run ./, one might be interested in a system wide installation. In that case, the recommended install instructions are as follows:

sudo su
cd /usr/local/share/
git clone
ln -s /usr/local/share/pizzacalc/ /usr/local/bin/pizza

(Most GNU/Linux distributions will already have /usr/local/bin/ in their paths.)